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If you all are receiving this message, it means I have gone home, likely because I have been sent home by the Gods rather than having found a way home by myself. There are few of you here who I really trust, but I felt it important to send out this message.

Tsubasa and Vanille: You two were the two that I trusted most in Zodion, and I say that not because of any activities we may have engaged in, but because I felt I could trust both of you with things important to me back home. As you are both surely aware, at this point it is my duty to ensure the safety of Princess Ovelia, and while I will miss you two's companionship, this job is far more important to me than any leisure time in Zodion.

I will miss both of you - or at least I believe I will. I know that some people do forget what happened in this place upon leaving, and then remember upon returning, and it would be tragic if I were to forget either of you two. The rest of the experience is forgettable, but the bonds I shared with both of you I would rather not lose.

It occurs to me that this entire letter appears innuendo-laced; rest assured that was not my intent.

Equipment of high quality is easy enough to come by in Ivalice, but much more difficult in Zodion. Save the Queen should still be in my apartment. I am not sure which one of you is more competent with a blade - I suspect Vanille - is but one of you should take it.

There is one thing I request of both of you, though - while you both are still there, please watch out for each other. If the Gods do recall me (and we know they are capable of that) I would much like to see both of you safe and sound.



[The message ends.]


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